Personal Development

St Patrick's recognises and appreciates that each Young Person that joins us has individual needs and a learning journey to embark upon. In order to support these needs each Young Person will have a support plan drawn up to enable them to establish themselves positively and prepare them for successful start to post 16 study or the world of work. Each Young Person’s social development will be supported through mentoring at St Patrick's and engaging those with specific needs with the appropriate agencies. The support plans will be updated on a regular basis (weekly if required) in order to meet the needs of the Young Person. St Patrick's is keen to work with schools to carry on the support work that is in place and develop this further to re –engage the Young Person academically and socially.

The Young People will have the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities on and off site. This will provide valuable social development opportunities help build their confidence, self esteem and boost enjoyment of taking part in new experiences.

Personal Development Portfolio

As well as an academic portfolio the Young People will have a Personal Development Portfolio. In here they will document their personal and social development achievements and celebrate successes they have had whilst with St Patrick's. These successes could include running an event, organising lunch for the group, hosting a coffee morning or afternoon. All activities will give the Young People the opportunity to add to their personal profile. Evidence for the portfolio will include: photographs, witness statements, certificates and written work.   

The portfolio will be supported by staff so that it looks professional and organised. The Young Person will be able to take their portfolio with them to interviews and work placements so that they can share their successes and show how they developed and prepared for Post 16 study, independent living and starting work.

These portfolios will also be showcased at a celebrations afternoon for parents, carers and their school to celebrate their success.

When the Young Person leaves St Patrick's these portfolios will become theirs to keep.

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