Booking a Place

What happens if you wish to book places at St Patrick's for Alter Education Ltd

Schools and agencies can book the number of placements they need on the days they require them. These placements can be held across the academic year and be negotiated to suit the needs of the young person. A Service Level Agreement will then be drawn up between St Patrick's and the school / agency confirming booking and placement details.

What happens if a young person doesn't attend the project for any reason?

The aim of the project is to support; build the confidence and re engage the young person into learning and back into formal education where possible. If successful reintegration takes place before the end of the academic year, or the young person does not attend the project for any other reason, schools / agencies can refer another pupil of choice. What happens if a school / agency does refer another pupil into a placement? Schools/ agencies will be buying placement slots. If a school / agency has booked three placement slots over three days for one young person, you may decide to send one young person for one day and another young person for two days per week – this must be prior arranged and agreed. A referral form will need to be completed for any “new” referrals and start dates can be arranged by St Patrick's.

How many days can the young people attend for?

Young people can attend the project up to 4 days per week depending upon the needs of the school / agency and the young person.

When the Young Person leaves St Patrick's these portfolios will become theirs to keep.
How quickly can a young person begin the project?
Each young person will meet the Engagement Manager for a short interview before they join the project. This is to make sure St Patrick's can meet their needs. Once this interview has been carried out, parental / carer contact and completion of the booking form and contact details have been supplied the young person may start on their placement.

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