Aims Of the Project

St Patrick's will work with the young people to:

  • Boost their self esteem and confidence
  • Encourage aspirations and the desire to achieve
  • Re-engage with learning
  • Enhance practical and academic skills
  • Develop their communication and social skills
  • Achieve valued qualifications
  • Achieve transferable credits
  • Prepare them for working life
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and independent living skills
  • Prepare for post 16 study
  • Participate in activities inspired by them and other young people attending St Patrick's

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To ensure every young person's success at St Patrick's we work together to promote the following objectives:

  • Individualise a learning plan to suit the needs of each young person to maximise their learning and social development.

  • Review each individual learning plan on a regular basis to support the ever changing needs and aspirations of the young people throughout their learning journey.

  • Encourage and support the young people to take an active part in setting personal goals and working with them to plan how best to achieve these now and for the future.
  • Deliver high quality teaching and instruction to facilitate good progress and re-engage with learning promoting lifelong learning.
  • Provide a wide range of teaching methods and activities to engage the young people, boost self esteem and confidence e.g. workshops, discussions, practical based sessions, individual and group activities.
  • Promote positive social and communication skills to boost their confidence and employability / acceptance on post 16 courses and build successful relationships with peers, staff and industry links.
  • Provide impartial advice on careers and opportunities at KS4 and post 16 – recruiting industry experts where appropriate to reinforce and develop the young person’s knowledge. Establishing progression routes that are clear, wide ranging and appropriate for each individual.
  • Provide equal opportunities for all activities.
  • Work with the young people to promote; self respect and respect for others, trust, the value of working with others to achieve their potential and enjoy working and developing in a positive environment.

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